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Scrambler Seat Assembly - Classic 350/500 (UCE)

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Scrambler Seat Assembly - Classic 350/500 (UCE)

Product Code: BOD003

If Royal Enfield ever did a scrambler on the Classic platform, what would it look like?

The BoltOn Scrambler Seat Kit for Royal Enfield Classic is designed to completely revamp the design of your rear section. With a custom-built sub frame and a hand stitched, die-patterned Scrambler Seat, you're sure to turn a lot of heads on and off the road.

Compatible with all Royal Enfield Classic 350/500 (UCE) models.


- Do-It-Yourself Concept

- Assembles in about 30 mins.

- No Cutting

- No Welding

- No Grinding

- Optimized Seat height for upright seating position

- Does not alter the chassis in any way

- Go back to stock whenever you want

- 100% Paint Color Match

- Choose your seat cover

- 100% Fit Guarantee

- Optional Indicators & Tailight


The Royal Enfield Classic has taken people places. We just made it more capable with a Scrambler kit that keeps the original RE DNA alive and look gorgeous from every angle.


The idea was to build a kit that could be easily retrofitted with the help of basic hand tools and yet not compromise on the safety of the riders whilst being functional at the same time.


We use the highest quality materials and automated manufacturing processes that ensure a 100% perfect fit every time. All our products come with a 30-day replacement warranty.


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